Into the mind

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The crew behind Sherpas Cinema are masters of their craft. Their tricks have tricks up their sleeves. The roster for Into the Mind is stacked and the movie promises to be nothing short of a spiritual experience. From the mouths of Sherpas: “Into the Mind paints a philosophical portrait of human kind as stories, experience and outcome are passed between mentors and peers.” Basically, Into the Mind is a knowledge bomb that will leave your senses drooling in satiation.

Produced and Directed by David Mossop, Eric Crosland

Athlètes: Callum Pettit ,Kye Petersen, JP Auclair, Tom Wallisch, Rory Bushfield, Eric Hjorleifson, Austin Ross, Kris Erickson, Johnny Collinson, Xavier de le Rue, Benji Farrow, Ingrid Backstrom, Izzy Lynch, Angel Collinson DCP, Rush Sturges ,Jimmy Chin ,Renan Öztürk, Matty Richard ,Ian Mcintosh, Mark Abma ,Conrad Anker ,Samuel Anthamatten, Karma Tsering ,Chris Rubens ,Julian Carr ,Stan Rey ,Tatum Monod, James McSkimming & Joel Loverin

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