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  • Runtime (min)
  • 75
  • Country
  • Norway
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Field Production’s Being There (2011) saw Aleksander Aurdal double cork 10 after dislocating his shoulder. That wasn’t the plan, but even the best laid plans are liable to be supervened. Supervention is a fantastic word. It could be a mashup of super and invention, or it could actually denote an unforeseen circumstance that changes the due course of a plan. Both possibilities point to the work put into Supervention, a two-year project directed by Filip Christensen. With old stalwarts and new prodigies in tow, Supervention tore through Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Alaska and British Columbia. Expect change, and definitely expect a super invention. />

Produced by:Filip Christensen
Directed by:Filip Christensen and Even Sigstad
Co-directed by:Jan Petter Aarskog and Lasse Nyhaugen
Cinematography by:Filip Christensen, JP Aarskog, Lasse Nyhaugen, Even Sigstad, Espen Kristiansen, Niels Windfeldt, Sveinung Ryan
A co-production with:GO ELECTRA and ANTIMEDIA

/! This movie contains snowboard