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Valhalla is a term used in Norse mythology to describe a big ol’ hall in Asgard run by Odin and populated by war casualties of his choice. The folks at Sweetgrass Productions believe Valhalla to be a place where snowboarders and skiers get down together in psychedelic fashion. They also believe Ullr and Odin are tight, because apparently the pow is always deep in Valhalla.

Produced by Sweetgrass Productions
Directed by Nick Waggoner, Michael Brown, Ben Sturgulewski, Zac Ramras
Principale cinematography by Ben Sturgulewski & Nick Waggoner

Athletes: Eric Hjorleifson – Pep Fujas – Kye Petersen – Cody Barnhill – Nick McNutt -Carston Oliver – Zack Giffin – Johan Olofsson – Ryland Bell – Josh Dirksen – Aidan Sheahan – Molly Baker – Taro Tamai – Stephan Drake – Eliel Hindert – Trevor Hunt – Jesse Hoffman – Austin Ross – Paul Kimbrough – Alex Paul – Thayne Rich – Kazushi Yamauchi


/! This movie contains snowboard
/! This movie contains nudity scenes